Questions Answered
Q:  Who is All City Auctioneers?
A:  All City Auctioneers are a multi-generation family operated business that is based in Langley, British Columbia.

Q:  How long have you been in business?
A:  We have over 100 years of combined experience in the auction and liquidation business here in BC.  Our family previously owned Ross Auctioneers and Appraisers Ltd but after 27 years, the company was sold in 1999 for early retirement.  All City Auctioneers Ltd was established in 2003 after many of our clients continued to call us asking for assistance and guidance selling their surplus.

Q:  Why do you continue in the business?
A:  Fun and Satisfaction!  Yes, we still have to pay the bills, but this business can be very exciting.  There is nothing better than conducting a successful auction for a client.

Q:  What is the weirdest thing you have sold?
A:  Probably unused caskets.  They were freight damaged from a trucking company and they asked us to sell them; Surprisingly, they sold quite well.   
Q:  Where did the name "All City Auctioneers" come from?
A:  Since we conduct auctions all across British Columbia, the term "All City" relates to our ability to travel and conduct auctions pretty much anywhere.  No need to bring your items to our facility, we can conduct your auction at your location.

Q:  Is there a better time of the year to host an auction?
A:  How about now?  Auctions can be hosted pretty much any time.  We normally try and stay away from hosting auctions close to Christmas or National/Local holidays, but if the timing means you need to complete the event now, then now is the best time.

Q:  What does All City charge for conducting an auction sale?
A:  As much as we can!  If we charged too much, we wouldn't still be in business, and if we charged to little, we would have closed our doors long ago.  So far, we have been able to charge enough to pay our bills, yet not enough that we can retire once more!  For each event, we will negotiate our charges based, and I am sure you will find us to be very fair.

Q:  Who is this guy on the left with the gold pan?
A:  That is Ron.  He owns the company and is also a folk artist that has created all the other items in the images on this page.   In his spare time, he enjoys placer mining and gold panning and what you see is a little bit of success for a LOT of hard work!
Q:  What is the largest crowd you ever had attend a live auction?
A:  Most recently, around 1500 bidders.  We have hosted auctions with as many as FOUR auction rings selling at the exact same time.  One auctioneer would be selling household furniture and appliances, another selling industrial tools and equipment, the third selling building materials and the forth selling antiques and collectibles - BUT the most people we have ever had attend was at a Police Recovered Stolen Goods Auction in Surrey with close to 3000 bidders.  They were lined up for almost a block just to get a bidding number.

Q:  What type of auction do you specialize in?
A:  Our company does not specialize in a particular type of auction, but actually specialize in a particular style of auction - an "Onsite Auction".  Over the years, we have sold almost every single type of product imaginable; an oil refinery; heavy equipment; vehicles; farm dispersal; estate; charity; business closure; bailiff seizure; gaming equipment; sporting goods and outdoor equipment; food; restaurant equipment; antiques and collectibles; machinery; building supplies; more! 
So the correct answer to this question would actually be, that we take each event and work hard to ensure we are successful, by examining the items to be sold and establishing a marketing strategy to ensure the auction event is known to sufficient buyers.  

Q:  Why should we use All City Auctioneers Ltd for our next auction?
A:  Service and Honesty.  Not only will we do the best job possible for your auction, we will tell you if an auction is the proper way to proceed.  There are multiple sales channels available now 
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All City Auctioneers will be representing you during your auction event.

​If we are selling your family estate or heritage farm, we are there to represent your family.  If our company is selling your business, then we will represent your business in the best way possible.  

We are not conducting the auction to "toot" our own horn... we are conducting the auction for you, trying to get you the best return!


All City Auctioneers are professionals. 
The majority of our clients are government based and we have managed the sale of their surplus continually for many years.

We provide honest opinions about potential auction results and do not inflate auction value estimates just to be awarded the project.  We will usually suggest alternate sale methods than just a simple auction, in order to allow you to make an informed decision.

Our consultations are free and confidential.


In reality, you may choose whoever you want to conduct your auction event.  It's your choice.

Just remember, the majority of the auction event happens way before the actual auction day.  There are days and days of auction lot preperation, weeks and weeks of marketing and promotion, but only one day to make sure its all been done properly.  Then we manage the removal and final cleanup.

You don't get a second chance!